So when selling your product you are sending your potential customers and then hope for the best…

Or not?

With Google Analytics you can see what is going on with your website. You can see your amount of visitors, where they get in, where they get out and which page had the most visitors.

Installing Google Analytics

Make sure you get Google Analytics before you launch your website. You can of course get it later if you already launched, but if you do it beforehand you can see exactly what happens from the first day people visit.

Login to Google Analytics and add your website. You will get a specific code for your website. Now you just have to add it to your site.

If you use a WordPress website installing Google Analytics is really easy. Just get the Google Analytics plugin to do the work for you. Otherwise you will need to paste the Google Analytics code into your website yourself.

That’s it. The code will now do the rest and you will be able to see what is happening on your website.

Using Google Analytics

The possibilities with Google Analytics are almost infinite so I won’t go into too much detail but I will show you that with just a few clicks you can see the first few interesting statistics.

The moment you enter you immediately see a graphic and data.

You will see the data is from the last 30 days. You can change this in the right upper corner.


The graphic will show the amount of visits for that time period. It will automatically be set to ‘by day’ but you can change it to ‘hour’, ‘week’ or even ‘month’.

This way you can see which day/week/month did well. The peaks you see in my statistics are blogs that did well. It’s also easy to see that weekends (especially sundays) are not my days. And that’s ok. I’m glad you are having fun in the weekends are not worry about work.

Underneath the graphic you can see how many sessions there were during the time period. A session is a visit to your website. One person can have multiple sessions in any given period. Next to it are users: the amount of users that visited during the time period and pageviews which shows how many pages were viewed.

There are a lot more data to be found here but let’s leave that for now.

Click on ‘Behavior’, ‘Overview’ to see the most visited pages.

Google Analytics pages

You can see that / (the homepage) got the most visits and then the blogsection. Then come the blog posts, but these are not all new. Some older ones are still going strong. That is lovely to see because it shows you which posts are ‘evergreen’ and can be reused or made into something bigger.

This is just a taste of what Google Analytics can show you.

What do you want to learn about your website from Google Analytics?