You are looking at the big, empty, very white page in front of you. You decided you wanted to blog. But now what?

No matter if it’s your first, your 50th or your 2000th post. The white blank page is a very scary thing that daunts a lot of us.

You have the topic right? (You should be nodding now)

Have a vague idea of what you want to be talking about? (Nodding again, right?)


Talk to your mother

Now envision your mother, your best friend, your neighbour. Someone who would be interested in what you want to tell, but someone with no knowledge of the topic whatsoever.

Got their picture in your head? See them in front of you?

Now how would you tell that person about this topic? Play the conversation in your head.

You know it wouldn’t all be complete sentences, there will be a lot of use of ehhh and you would definitely not use many difficult words, but you know you could tell that person about your topic.

Hear the conversation?

Now write that down! Tell that story on paper. Don’t mind the half sentences, the things you’re not sure about yet, the typo’s you make while writing. Just write!

Then leave it for at least an hour and come back to your text.

You can now start shaping the blog more, but please keep the talking voice intact. It’s actually something that makes blogs a lot more readable, and people will feel much more connected with you.

Extra tips:

Still scared of the white page? Try this one:

* Set a timer for 15 minutes

* Just start typing anything that comes to mind regarding the topic

* Look at what you typed and if it helps you think of any other ideas (brainstorm)

* Now leave it for an hour at least and then start the exercise above