Everyone who works with me knows: I love circles! They are fun, creative and most of all, useful.

I use them a lot when explaining different theories to people around online marketing strategies. One of those theories I want to show you today: circles to help you make your marketing funnel.

What is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a term for a system that gets people from not knowing you to raving fans that buy what you have and do.

Normally they are drawn something like this.

Generic Marketing Funnel

You see several steps, going from big to smaller, till you end up at the end result: a sale.

This is, of course, a really easy representation of how people will buy from you but not really accurate. Because it would mean that it is a linear line that customers go through your channels and content and I can assure you it hardly ever is these days.

Know Like Trust Buy

Maybe you have heard of Know Like Trust Buy – It is the stages people go through to buy. The terms are from John Jantsch who actually has 7 phases: Know Like Trust Try Buy Repeat Refer

  • Know stands for¬†getting to know you exist – Good examples of what will get them to know you are ads, blog posts, articles, referrals
  • Like is getting to know what you do – People start liking you by checking out your website, your social media
  • Trust is all about starting to feel like you are someone worthy of their time and money – They start trusting your expertise because of your social media content, your newsletter, free options like challenges, ebooks and videos
  • Buy of course is the buying stage – Which they will generally do at your website while looking at how you treat them during and after.

So people go through those stages but like I said before they don’t do that in a straight line.

It’s not like they check out 1 ad, then check out your website, check out a social post and are ready to buy. I think you wished it was THAT easy. (I do too!)

My Know Like Trust Buy Circles

So instead of the funnel image, I developed the Know Like Trust Buy Circles.

The Digitalie Know Like Trust Buy Circles

In each of the circles can be 1 or more channels. Potential clients can move within a circle from one channel to another, till they are ready for the next step. That way they get to ‘Buy’ when knowing you ARE right for them, in a way that feels good to you.

Want to know how this works for your business specifically? Let’s work on it together! Book a session with me now.