‘How can I help?’

That should be the most important question on your mind when thinking about your ideal customer.

In ‘What’s their problem‘ you learned what problem your customer thinks she has and you know what problem(s) lie underneath.

So now you can work on products, services or maybe even packages that will fit this known problem first and then work on the underlying things.

This is also how you engage customers to stay with you for a longer time period.

Marketing Stairs

Everytime I explain this to a customer, I tell them about the Marketing Stairs.

Let’s think of the marketing of your packages as stairs. You help them take the first step. They realise they need more, take a second step, and so on till they are at the top of the stairs and you helped them completely.

What you do is you draw them in with content concerning their known problem. You really learn them something, it should not be garbage, but real, interesting content. It is this interesting content that gets them to take the first step on that stairs: You sell the first package.

They then might realise their problem is bigger and they need more help. You sell them an extra package to help with that, and maybe you can sell even more after that to help with other, related problems.


Do keep in mind though, that all these packages need to really help solve their problem. Not just part of it or kind of, or not working at all. They need to be great packages, where you really help solve their current problem.

So what is your marketing stairs? Do you have one? Can you make one?