“How are you posting it?” It’s a question I regularly ask new clients that are coming to me saying they don’t feel their social media posts are being seen. They feel like it is just slipping through the cracks.

The answers can be very divers:

  • I post them as I write them
  • I use the scheduler within the program
  • I use one application for all my social media

Thing is whether that is good or bad depends on the social media channel.

When to use what when posting

First up, it is good to know that timing matters. So when you post as you write, you might not get your audience at the best time, and your post falls flat in the water. That means you either have to go online to post at precisely the right time, or need to use schedulers to post at the right time for you.

Facebook has a native scheduler, which means Facebook offers its own scheduler within the channel. It is quite an excellent program that works like a charm (well, most of the time). If you go to a page where you are an admin, you have the ‘Publishing Tools’ option in the bar, and there you will see Published Posts and Scheduled Posts. If you click on Scheduled Posts, you can create and schedule from there. You can also schedule from the normal ‘post writing place’ and instead of publishing click the date it needs to be published. This is, however, changing, and so some people can’t schedule from there anymore (like me). For those only the create button within the scheduled post is an option.

Facebook Scheduling option

There are a lot of other schedulers that give you the option to schedule to Facebook, but Facebook will always ‘reprimand’ you for using those schedulers by giving you less reach. It doesn’t like third-party tools, so use the tool they offer.

Facebook likes you even better if you combine scheduled posts with spontaneous posts and Facebook Lives. Just make sure you check your Insights for the right time – when your audience is online and engaging.

Instagram has a native scheduler… but not everyone has it yet. Which means you will need a third-party tool. I have heard a lot of great stories about Planoly*. I just signed up for it myself, but it looks terrific. Another scheduler is Tailwind*, but you pay per channel that you add, which makes it quite expensive very quickly.

Like Facebook, Instagram likes a combination of scheduled and spontaneous posts.

Tailwind Scheduler

I do use Tailwind* for my Pinterest accounts. I have it for both my crafting Pinterest and the Digitalie Pinterest account (are you following me there already?). I love that I can plan my pins to go to different boards at different dates and so I already have pins ready to go until September of next year. Moreover, the more I use it, the more pins I will have far into the future. I know there is a lot more I can still do with Tailwind, but I love it so far.

Did you know YouTube has a scheduling option too? You don’t need to post the video the minute you upload it. You can put it on private and add a date it will go public. This is awesome because it means you can plan and schedule your videos without worrying that you won’t have the right moment to upload them (especially if you are on a slow connection).

There are many more posting apps out there, but please make sure it is one that the channel you’re scheduling too not only allows but prefers.

*Full Disclosure: Some links in this article are referral links. This means I do not get any actual money when you click and sign up through this link, but I get credit for the service in question.

How are you posting on social media?