There are a lot of articles where content is called King. Sometimes it’s called Queen. Why do they call it that? Because people feel it’s so important. (Don’t believe me? Google it!)

And they have a very good point of course. Content is important. Darn important!

Without content you can’t do anything. You need content to put on your channels, otherwise no one will bother checking it out.

If you have nothing to put on Facebook, you don’t need to create a Facebook channel. If you have no images (How dare you? Visuals work best on social media), then Pinterest isn’t for you.


Great content is the joker!

Content is important for your online marketing.

But great content trumps all other strategies you might ever have.

Because if you have a small amount of followers and you put some great – And I mean really great, not just ‘Hey that looks nice‘ but ‘Oh my gosh, that is so amazing, I have to like/share this!!‘ – content on there it will be shared.

Even if you only have that small amount of followers. If it is amazing, there will always be someone who shares it.

And maybe two of his friends share it, and 2 of both their friends etc etc. And soon, a lot of people have seen your amazing, fantastic, out-of-this-world content.

If you have a lot of followers but all your content is ok-ish, this will never happen. Maybe one of your followers shares it – if you’re lucky. But it will never get as far as great content can reach.

See: Great content is the joker.

Have you ever made great content?