Social media is the outer shell when it comes to our communication and marketing as said in this post before.

But that doesn’t make it unimportant.

It’s actually the other way around.

Social media offers a very easy way to communicate. From your customers to you, and from you to your potential, current and former customers. The low threshold makes it easier to get in touch and so people who might otherwise decide to not communicate with you, can now do that with ease.

And so, having social media in your communications mix actually gives your communication a boost.

Advantages of social media

  • Clients have easy access to you and therefore can ask questions that you can answer really quick. Not much different than email or telephone except others can see how you react as well.
  • Tips & tricks about your product/service shows the amount of possibilities and therefore creates opportunities to convert to sales.
  • People will recognise your brand easier because of repeatedly showing up in their timeline.
  • Entertaining posts gives the potential customer a better understanding of the culture of the company.
  • Realtime posts makes it possible to easily do damagecontrol when there is a problem.
  • If brands use social media to engage the customer loyalty is higher.
  • If current and former customers are happy with your service and are communicating this on social media, it is easier to convert potential clients because of the authority it creates.
  • When you are active on social media your search results for both your social media and website will improve, which makes it easier to be found.
  • More insight in your (potential) customers so you can deliver what they want easier.

It is important however to make sure you pick the right channels for this communication. Don’t try to be everywhere (you won’t succeed anyway unless you have a whole marketing department that can take care of it) but pick those channels that work best for you and your audience. – Need help with that? Digitalie can do it for you. Get in touch for more details.

Which channels do you use to give your communication a boost?

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