How to get new leads without a difficult sales funnel, even if you have no list right now

18 Aug 2016

So you don’t have a sales funnel right now.

Well that happens. But as you’ve probably realised as you are reading this blog right now, not a great place to be in. Without a sales funnel you keep wondering where your next client is coming from and you will have no clue who your income will be next month or even next week.

You need that sales funnel to get new leads into your door, so you can start getting them onto calls and closing them into sales.

But right now, you have no sales funnel, no list, no optin and you are stressing out.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

You need a list

I just love it when people (read marketing experts) just assume you have a list. And they start there talk about sales funnels from a place that is far beyond where you are right now.

Because you might not have one and it scares you to death that people let you know you need one like yesterday.

Don’t worry, you do NEED a list but it’s easy to get started.

How to get started

Just pick a mailing list subscriber (I like Mailchimp if you think your list will stay small and ConvertKit* if you want to grow big, or want to automate a lot) and make a list. All providers show you how to do this with ease.

Give it a descriptive but fun name and make a page where people can sign up (the providers give you this option, you don’t need a webdesigner for it).

And you are done!

Now start promoting your new list whereever you want. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Let them know what you will do with this list (yes, they like it if you actually send them an email once in a while) and they like it even more if you give them something in return. But you don’t need to. You can start out small and just start from where you are.

You can build on that later.

Now what?

And people on this list will be new leads, people you can talk to about your new product, get them on a call with you and turn them into clients.

This is of course only the first step to build a simple sales funnel that will get you new clients but it really is this simple.

Want to know more? Let’s talk during a free session.

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