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Ok, so we all want our website to look pretty and awesome and enticing. Right? And in the process of making it look that way we can make our websites big and cumbersome and not that ideal for that ideal client – because they will need to weed through a lot of info to figure […]

“The best way to keep your website safe is to not have one…” – That’s what a friend says when we are talking website security. And you see, he is right. It is really hard to make your website impenetrable. But there are definitely ways to improve on your security. 10 ways to keep your WordPress […]

A content marketing plan – Sound intimidating doesn’t it? Like this 80-page plan you need to write before you can even get started writing content. And it was already daunting and something you have been postponing… And now you need a PLAN??? Don’t worry! A content marketing plan doesn’t have to be long, complicated or taking a […]

When we are talking about content there are 2 things to consider: what you are going to tell and how you are telling it. You will need both substance and form to make interesting content, both topic and shape. In another post I will be talking about the what but today I want to talk about the […]

Everyone who works with me knows: I love circles! I use them a lot when explaining different theories to people around online marketing strategies. One of them I want to show you today: circles to help you make your marketing funnel What is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is the way to get people […]

At the beginning of this month I talked about the big change in my logo and colors I did 2 years ago and how that influenced how I felt about my business.I felt it connected more with who I am and who I want to serve. Today I want to share a similar story about Susanna Lindblom. […]

Marketing is all about what people think of you. You want to attract your perfect client and repel those that are not. You see that on tv, in the newspaper and on billboards but it works for your online presence too. Maybe even more! That is why the energy you put into your marketing is […]

Last week we talked about how your font, colors, logo and imagery together make your brand. And the importance of your brand being on point so it will attract the right clients and get you some awesome attention! But just a logo, font and colors won’t get you there. You need images for that brand, […]



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