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I got a question from someone that wasn’t happy with the image that was showing up on Facebook and LinkedIn when sharing blogs or her general website. She wanted to know how to change this to an image of her choosing or at least to an image that suited her blog more. I made a […]

Last week I was talking to a friend which has all these amazing ideas of products and services and marketing efforts for her business. And they really all sounded wonderful and awesome! But I could tell as she was talking about them that she was getting overwhelmed. There were so many great ideas. And they […]

A jump or anchor link is a way to jump to a lower part of the page without scrolling. It can be used for services, your about page or any other page that is longer and has multiple sections. In this video I show you how to make an anchor link. The coding is really […]

Using video in your marketing is going through the roof! People get to see you or what you are telling them in a very clear way (if you are doing it right). And what could be more compelling than that? With video being awesomely popular chance are (high) that you want to embed YouTube on […]

GDPR has come and not gone. Whether you are an European entrepreneur or an entrepreneur that deals with Europeans (even if only on your mailing list) it is time for us to figure out a way to do marketing funnels. Different ways to get new subscribers to your list We all want new subscribers on […]

Confession time: I don’t have a website just for the fun it. – Eerie, right? You had no clue I have alternative motives … Wait, what are you saying? You did?? Of course you do! And you have the same motives with your website. We want to help our clients, which means we want to […]

Ok, so we all want our website to look pretty and awesome and enticing. Right? And in the process of making it look that way we can make our websites big and cumbersome and not that ideal for that ideal client – because they will need to weed through a lot of info to figure […]

“The best way to keep your website safe is to not have one…” –¬†That’s what a friend says when we are talking website security. And you see, he is right. It is really hard to make your website impenetrable. But there are definitely ways to improve on your security. 10 ways to keep your WordPress […]



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