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Automated marketing. It’s a real thing and quite the hype. You do x; y and z happen automatically. And I am NOT a fan! First of all, not all automations are bad. And I will get back to that in 2 weeks. But most automated marketing is. What do I mean with ‘Automated marketing’? Any […]

I had a chat with a lady a week ago about re-positioning her brand. She was working on growing her business and wanted to change part of her brand as she did that. Which I totally agreed with! Her initial thought about rebranding to me felt more like starting over. She was going to throw […]

Today’s blog is a guest video! I asked Rosa Jakobs to talk with you about how to position yourself as an expert as a service based business. Rosa Jakobs is an international Business Coach & Mentor. She found her calling in helping entrepreneurs around the world to embrace authenticity, stop undercharging their services and expertise […]

Content is a very visible part of your marketing. It’s the texts you write on your website, the Facebook posts you make, the Instagram photos you post. And so people start to believe that content is just that, creating something. But there is so much more to your content! Your content needs to: paint a […]

Content is hard. Sometimes it feels like you can just post anything you want but then suddenly your Facebook reach tanks or everyone unsubscribes from your newsletter list… Or in a (not much) better case: nothing happens. Last week on Facebook I talked about 3 reasons you can’t get your content right. You need to: […]

Business models based on weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions are all the rage these days. From online memberships to subscription boxes, there are many types – just as there are many reasons to start a membership for your own business. In this article, I aim to give a short overview of different ways a membership […]

Making a membership website can be quite hard. Not per se technical, even though that is definitely not always easy, but there is a lot of thought that goes into making a great membership website. So here is the rundown version of How to Make a Membership. What is a membership website? Officially a membership […]

Digitalie exists for more than 8 years! Quite a feat I must say. And this isn’t my first business. I had one before, with my ex (So you can guess what happened when he became my ex 🙂 ) All these years in business have taught me a few things and since it is the […]



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