So you have this amazing product or service. You believe everyone should have it. Everyone should use your services.

But by thinking that you should cater to everyone, you are trying to stay too general in your communication. You are trying to tell everything to everyone at once!

Now what if you could think up one person (or maybe 2 or 3) that would be your ideal customer, and then talk to her?

You would know her likes and dislikes, what her work schedule is, how her family reacts, what she thinks about politics, etc. That would give you far better an idea of how to talk to her and what to tell her.

9 questions about your ideal customer you should be able to answer

These steps will help you find your ideal customer. If you really feel you have 2 or 3 demographic groups do it 3 times. Then check to see if they are really that different (because they probably aren’t). If you really feel a question is not that important for your service, then just skip it. But be really really sure that it would not help a lot to decide on an answer for the question anyway.

  1. Is the customer male or female?
    (I will use her in the rest of the questions, but it can be his as well!)
  2. What is her age(range)?
  3. What was her highest education (high school, college, university)?
  4. What is her job?
  5. How tight is her income?
  6. Which hobbies does she have?
  7. What are her interests?
  8. What is her biggest problem right now?
  9. What does she want to achieve?


Extra question:
Where is she in the process of checking out tools/services to get there?

You can of course always add questions and answers. It would be good if you did, because those questions would be more specific to the kind of problem you are trying to solve for  your customer.

Make a persona

With the answers to these questions you can make something called a persona. That’s a description detailing who your ideal customer is, by being as specific as you can.

MannequinsThe more accurate and specific the persona is, the more you can use her when trying to figure out what to say.

AND the persona can also help you figure out which channels to use, what other products she might like (which you could then maybe sell as well) or when you are most like to get her to buy anything.

Persona’s for a website

For instance for a big website I did a while ago we made 4 persona’s in different stages of choosing a Bachelor’s programme at a university. There were characteristics all 4 of them had, like education and goal, but they were in different parts of the process, had different ages and different interests.

By giving the persona’s a name. a specific age, hobbies, etc they came alive and helped us navigate how to talk to them, what they would want on the website, what they thought was important.

If you make a persona for your product or service it will help you to navigate these kind of decisions as well.


Found your ideal customer? I would love it if you could post the answers to the questions below and tell us who your ideal customer is