Today I have a special treat for you; the first guest blog at Digitalie. This blog is made by Charo Pinilla, Building Engineer, Certified Coach, and EFT practitioner. Charo is dedicated to helping coaches, healers, teachers and conscious professionals find their path, discover what makes them unique and clarify what is the contribution they are meant to bring into this world.

Do what you love:

The #1 obstacle people face when searching for their right path

One of the first obstacles people who want to do what they love bump into, is the lack of clarity about their path.
Years of denying to ourselves what we really want, end up misaligning our own inner compass, and the voice that should be helpings us navigate life, turns into a source of confusion, self doubts and second guessing our choices.

A sure sign this is happening to you is that all kinds of “what-ifs” will show up in your mind: “What if I start the wrong kind of business? What if I get bored with this topic in the future?

So to help you answer those questions, some experts suggest you make a list of values or a list of your passions. But when your mind is spinning with confusion about your path, trying to answer those things is neither easy nor practical, so what can you do?

Well, the solution has been in front of you all the time…

The easy way to finding your path: your life story

Each one of us is living a personal story. And the secret to finding your path is hidden in the stories you live by. We play a role, or in other words, we embody the energy of an archetype, without us being aware of it.

Those roles we play hold the key to the path that will be more fulfilling for ourselves, the kind of activities that we will enjoy the most, the kind of people we’ll like to spend our time with, the kind of problems we’ll be delighted to solve.. Even the kind of language we use is influenced by the archetypes that are active in us.

12 archetypes, 12 paths to fulfillment

There are an infinite number of archetypes, but all of them can be summarized into 12:
Hero, Sage, Innocent, Alchemist, Jester, Ruler, Caregiver, Maverick, Humanitarian, Explorer, Artist, and Romantic.

Lets say you have the Hero Archetype active in you. You’ll see the world from the lens of this archetype and think of the world as a battlefield in which only the strongest survive, unless heroes do their best to protect the weak from the perils of the world. Your language will contain expressions like: “You champion the causes, you defend your clients, etc” And in your business, just to mention one thing, you will hold a strict code of honor.

Now, lets say you have the Artist as one of your Active Archetypes. You’ll have more creative ideas than you can handle. And for example, your business will have a colorful array of products and services, both metaphorically and literally.

Understanding your clients through your archetypes

Your active archetypes will also influence the kind of clients that you are best suited to work with.

For example, if you were a massage therapist, it would be very different if you had the hero or the caregiver as one of your active archetypes. The hero would resonate so much more with athletes (a subset of hero) and wouldn’t feel any comfortable at all in a beauty salon!

How to find your right business path

Now you might be thinking: -“Interesting but, how can I know which are my archetypes and business path?”
So here are the 5 steps you need to take:

Step 1) First, discover which archetypes are active in you (see below for a free guide that will help you do that)
Step 2) Read about the gifts, motivations and needs of your main and secondary archetypes.
Step 3) Ask yourself:
Is my current business (or business idea) in alignment with the gifts, needs and motivations of my archetypes?
If so, then you already are creating the right business for you.
But if they don’t, what changes can you make, in order to bring those into congruency?
Step 4) Make a list of all the things you need to change, include or leave out of your current business so it becomes a true expression of who you are (as described by your active archetypes)
Step 5) I’ve created a special gift for Digitalie readers. To help you identify your active archetypes, I’ve written  “The 12 Paths to passion, purpose and prosperity guide”, for you.

In it, you’ll learn more about each of the archetypes, and the kind of paths that are fulfilling for each one of them.
You can grab your copy here: “12 Paths to passion, purpose and prosperity guide

To your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity
Charo Pinilla

*Cover photo by Lacey Raper @ Unsplash*