Figuring out your passion is the hardest part.

You might have a clear idea what you want to do, but you aren’t sure why. Why do I want to help kids learn about money? Why do want to sell sustainable products?

Or you might have a better idea of your talents after Charo’s post, but have no clue how to use it.

We all have the tendency to think: “Oh well, I will figure this out on the way and just start now”. But I highly encourage you to take the time to really think about what your passion is, what triggers you.

See, I didn’t when I got started. I was just moving along, seeing where it would lead me. And now, after being in business for 4,5 years, I only feel like I have been on the right track for a year, and still figuring it out as I go.

If I had known when I got started that my passion was helping people by making online marketing easier for them, it wouldn’t have taken me this much time to get here. (It was really cool to see when I got the results of Charo’s test that I finally was on the right track!)

Save yourself some time by taking the time to figure out why you want to do what you want to do.

So how do you go about figuring out your passion?

Steps to figuring out your passion

  1. Take Charo’s test to figure out your archetypes – This is not a sell at all. I took Charo’s test with no expectations what so ever but the results where incredible. There were some archetypes I didn’t expect at all, but when I thought about it some more they made perfect sense. And some other archetypes that showed up less than expected. So cool to learn why and how you can use that. I would highly recommend doing the free test and learn how your archetypes shape you.
  2. With these results in mind, pick out 2 of the most prominent archetypes that would work for you in business. What would you be able to do with these two archetypes?
  3. Write down all kinds of things you would love to do. Which of these overlap with the 2 archetypes?
  4. Pick your passion out of the overlap. Don’t think for a minute that your passion is just one of those things. It most likely is a combination, like for me it is helping, teaching, making life better, etc.

And once you figured it out you can make part of this passion your unique selling point.

Sure, there are more people that want to teach you online marketing. But it is the fact that I want to make it easier for you so you can smile, that is my unique passion, my unique selling point. It is one of my archetypes that makes this perfectly clear for me and so I can use it to market myself.

What archetype can help you stand out of the crowd?