Facebook is losing visitors to Instagram and TikTok. If your audience does not exist of teens and young adults that doesn’t mean you do not need to be on Facebook anymore. A Facebook page can still be an excellent way to attract, engage and sell.

In this Facebook 101-post, we talk about all the basics you should know about Facebook.

Facebook profile vs page

You probably have a Facebook account. This means that you have a personal profile that is all about you and connected to your friends and family. You can see their stories on your ‘feed’, the list of other posts.

You can like brands with your profile. Those brands have a Facebook page, a business page meant for organisations, businesses, well-known people. Everything where the connection might not be two-way. You may know Coca-Cola, but they might not know you.

Whether you run a business, an organisation or a non-profit, if you want to be on Facebook as an organisation, you need to use a business page for that. Anyone interested in your brand can follow the page and will see some of the posts.

A business with a profile

Sometimes you see organisations start a profile for their business, instead of a page. Most of the time this is done for one of two reasons:

  1. They do not know the exact difference between a profile and a page and how they behave
  2. They know that you can have more reach with a profile with ease

The thing is that you can not directly use a personal profile to promote your business, and you are not allowed to have a profile as a business. Which doesn’t mean you can not use your personal profile for business at all.

Facebook personal profile for business use

As a person (not an organisation!) you can still use your profile for your organisation. Not in a way to directly promote your business – as said, this is not allowed – but to network and be a face to the organisation or company.

You can connect with different people and sometimes post something business-related. Please note that you should not use your profile just for business-related posts. First of all, you will turn people, that want to connect with people, off and secondly, Facebook can take offence and take actions against your profile.

Lists on your profile

If you are using your profile sometimes to post business-related information, you might not want to send it to everyone. Different people will have different interests after all, and you might know people that do not want to see those posts. That is when it is nice to make several lists on your profile you can send posts too depending on the topic.

If you click the icon next to ‘News Feed’ you can choose who can see the post:

  • Public, meaning everyone can see
  • Friends, all the people you are friends with can see
  • Friends, except means you can post it to all friends except specific people or a list
  • Only me – well that one is clear
  • More… If you click this you get the option for Custom. Here you can pick your own list of people that can see the post

So how do you make a list? Just go to ‘Explore’ on the left side and search for Friend Lists. You might need to click ‘See more…’ There you can see all the lists you currently have. If you click on a listing, you can rename it, edit the people on it or remove it. You also have the option to create a list.

Creating a Facebook Friends List is easy. Once you have clicked the create list option you give the list a name and add people to the list. Once you are done, you click ‘Create’. If you want to add someone to the list, later on, you can do that by editing the list or by going to their profile. You can hover over the ‘✔ Friends’ button, and you will have the option to add to another list there. You can also do it the same way from your own friends list.

Different lists that might be interesting to make:

  • Business-related network – so you can decide to post something and only show it to your business network
  • Family – so you can safely post family pictures you don’t want everyone to see
  • Friends – same as family
  • Special lists for interest, volunteer work or hobby’s

What to do with a Facebook business page

Whether or not you also use your profile for networking, it’s important that – if this fits your business’ audience – you have a business page. Here you can post commercial posts as much as you want and potential customers will look for a page.

Some options are only available for business pages like promotion options for your page and seeing the analytics of the page or individual posts.

How to gain traction with your page

Facebook does make it harder for your posts to be seen, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to be seen. First of all, good content is key! If people don’t like what you are posting (and with people I mean your ideal clients, the rest don’t matter in this case), they won’t engage. They will either leave, or Facebook will stop showing your content to them.

Make sure you alternate between different kinds of posts to keep the interest going. Promotional posts are useful but also ask for opinions, have a bit of fun and engage. In my Content Creation Course, I explain a lot more about the different options for posts on social media.

Don’t focus on the numbers too much. 300 likes can be more valuable than 3000, as you can read in this article: “Why 300 likes on Facebook can be more valuable than 3000“.

Facebook 101: The Basics of using Facebook for your Business