A few weeks ago my aunt got a message from an old friend about how she was doing. She was so happy to hear from her and wrote an elaborate answer with her whole life story in it (well, almost).

So sweet, don’t you think, two old friends reacquainting? Facebook is great for that and you got to love being able to talk to old and new friends so easily!

However I could see all the specifics as well, as could the old friend friends, and after I reacted my friends….

My aunt was terrified when she heard that. It was just ment for her and her friend of course!

You know this too

I have loads more stories like this.

And you probably have too.

You might have seen conversations between people that were none of your business, you may have gotten reactions on posts by people you didn’t know or feel like you couldn’t post something because “everyone would see it!”

What if I told you that you could post that update/photo or video you only want to show your friends safely and securely with a push of a button?

Facebook statusupdate settings

So if you post a statusupdate you have the possibility to decide who can see your post:

  • public – which really means public, everyone in the world will be able to see it if they would want to
  • friends – everyone you friended on Facebook
  • friends except Acquaintances – if you would have told Facebook you did know that person and did want to be friends but you were only acquaintances they would be in the ‘pile’ Acquaintances… but be real, have you ever told Facebook this? (We will talk about this some more on Thursday)
  • only me – you could post something only you would be able to see it
  • custom – which means you can actually decide who will see it, by name or lists (Lists is something we’ll discuss Thursday)
  • some options FB decides for you – like places you worked or where you live

If you don’t fix it your automatic setting will be put to public which means EVERYONE can see your post.

But now you know better and will set it to friends of course.

So, now we are clear, right?


Danger danger

You made this cool post about you and friend making cupcakes (Hey, I love cupcakes, so why not?) and you decided to only share this post with your friends.

Great! Or well, no, not so great.

Because I assume you tagged that friend didn’t you… See, I see you nodding, I know you did!

Did you know that means all her friends can see that post too? Not just your friends?


Yes, if you tag someone their friends will be able to see the post too…

How to post safely

So, what do you do?

Well if you post a update and tag noone, you can be fine by selecting the friends option, otherwise I would recommend going custom (the options FB posts under custom are custom as well).

When you have a custom setting and tag someone only the custom list + the tagged person will be able to see it.

And whatever you do: never post anything public unless you really want the whole world to be able to read and react.

A general setting

Want to be sure all posts will be on the setting you prefer?

Then go check your privacy settings!

Click on the arrow on the right hand side, then click settings in the dropdownmenu that follows. Click privacy and you will see this:


The first one is where you select the general privacy setting for all your future posts. So put it on ‘friends’ or custom.

Then go through each and everyone of these settings and make sure your privacy settings are up to your standards.

I would also recommend going through the menu’s ‘General’, ‘Security’ and ‘Timeline and Tagging’ to make sure you’re not missing anything important!