You have more than one role in your life. You are someone in a family, whether that is a mother, a son, a brother or a niece. You are someone within your work environment. You have friends that play pool, or love to dance or craft or…

Now why would you want to share all your posts with all of them, while your dance friends have no interest in your family pictures (you might not even WANT to show them)? And I know you definitely do not want your coworkers to know you lost with pool (again!). You’d be the laughing stock for days.

Custom posts to selected people

So how do you keep your roles separately when you want them too? You use custom posts where you select who you want to be able to see your post. I explained that in the last post. But you don’t want to select your coworkers one by one every time. And so you use lists.

In this video I show you how to do that.

Do you lists to keep your updates relevant to your friends?