Pinterest is a great way to get eyes on your video or blog. The visual search engine helps those that are searching for something to get specific and find it. Pinterest has a lot of how-to tutorials on there, but there are also all kinds of articles on why you should do something or about something you should know.

In this blog, I will explain what Pinterest strategy I used over the last year and the results it got me.

What is Pinterest?

For those that don’t know Pinterest (very well), I will explain it simply: Pinterest is a visual search engine, meaning you type in what you look for, and you get all kinds of images that lead to your (possible) answer. You can also subscribe to particular topics so that interesting articles automatically arrive on your Pinterest feed.

Why I wanted to do more with Pinterest

Pinterest wasn’t on my radar for a long time. I knew it could drive traffic, of course I knew, but I didn’t know how to use Pinterest correctly to get these results and hadn’t taken the time to figure it out. But over the last nine months, with the help of a few awesome experts and much testing, I’ve been learning and growing my account. And while my numbers still aren’t that high, they are exponentially higher!

So why do I want ‘higher numbers’? Well, Pinterest is a know traffic-driver, meaning it will send people to your website or video platform to see what you know. And once they are there, they can read more blogs, watch more videos and see what you offer beyond free knowledge. Aka, it’s a great way to get new visitors to your website, new leads and new clients.

How I got started

On April 1st 2019, I had 166 impressions… Yep, only 166. And that wasn’t even a bad day. It was just an average day in my then Pinterest account. My strategy at that point was: repin something sometimes, without having a clue of what you do and why. No wonder I could do better.

In August 2019, I decided to up my game and started working on posting more. Malene, one of the Pinterest experts, told me all about how I could gain from posting more regularly. She also told me all about Pinterest design, how many pins you need per link and descriptions. But, she also warned me that it would take a while to see results. It can take up to 3 months to see results from your work.

In August, September and October, my impressions grew slowly but steadily, with a surprising 5500 outlier on October 30th. I could see I had more impressions and the total audience was increasing too. In November, my results were more irregular, and from the second half of December and January, I got hardly any results. Why? Because I stopped posting somewhere at the end of November.

Taking it one step further

In January, I decided to step it up and make it a priority in my business. I changed my Pin designs again, after seeing which pictures did best and added some new ones made by Boss Project. I also improved my descriptions. But the two most important changes I made were these:

  • I added a plugin to my website that made pinning easier and added an automatic description
  • I added more pins to my daily schedule going from an average of 8 to 16 a day

The pinning plugin in question is the Social Warfare plugin (affiliate link) for WordPress. It offers the opportunity not to allow random pins, but pick a specific image to be pinned from your blog post. You can also add the text that will be added once people pin that image. I have the pro (paid) version, but there is a free version of the plugin too. The plugin also offers to upload a specific image for sharing the link on social media and the accompanying text.

Read and see how I use Tailwind in my blog post ‘How I use Tailwind to Pin my Blogs

I use Tailwind (affiliate link) to schedule my pins, as I have been doing since March of last year. Tailwind has the option to set a schedule to which you pin. It’s a smart schedule where you give the average slots per day and the tool picks the amount of slots per day and the times to post. If you then schedule a pin, it will choose one of the time slots to pin it in. By going from 8 to 16 a day I can pin more for my own blog, as well as that of others.

Want some tips on how to find great content from others? Check out ‘Curated Content

My current results

These are last months results. I got 50.030 impressions, 46.150 unique viewers, 916 engagements, and at the moment of writing, I have 114 followers. On Monday February 17th, I got 12.760 impressions alone. More than a whole month would get me until September 2019.

Can it be more? Most definitely, but you can see the results I am getting from my strategy. And with Pinterest results being cumulative, meaning you get more from more (The age-old snowball effect) I will keep working on growing my account further.

My strategy in short

Ok, so after all of this, you might want to know my approach. Here is my Pinterest strategy in short:

  • I’ve made several boards that I feel have keywords around what Digitalie offers. All boards have their own image with the board’s name and start with at least ten blogs on there.
  • I also joined a few group boards. I am actively looking for new great ones to join.
  • Each blog post gets 5-7 different pin images, each with their own description.
  • Each description uses keywords that are used in searches around the blog’s topic but it’s all written in nice, well-formed sentences.
  • Each of these images is posted to each relevant board, spaced, so none are closer than seven days together. That means that sometimes I know already post things until December of this year, or even later. I use Tailwind for this, of course.
  • Once the automated pins are dried out for a post, I pin the blog post again, with the same amount of spacing, so they can keep going. I will add new images to that post if it is an exciting one where I feel it could use more attention.
  • All of this leads to 3-8 pins a day being mine, leading to different blogs.
  • The rest I fill with other people’s content. I get this from the group boards I’m in, the tribes I’m in and then by searching Pinterest on keywords and scheduling to relevant boards.

What I will be adding over the next few months

Over the next few months I want to be adding more and more of my own blogs, as I write new ones and update old ones. I also want to add more group boards. Both of these will result in more pins per day, and I will slowly up the amount to 25 per day in the end. I will keep monitoring which designs work best and how to improve on the others.

I can’t wait to see my results in the next 3, 6, and 12 months! And I can’t wait to see you grow your Pinterest account either!

Explaining my Pinterest growth