We all want more customers, and not just that, we want the right customers. Those that appreciate what we do, that we can really help, those that become instant fans.

You want that, the lady in the office next to you wants that, and believe me, I want that too!

But how do you entice people to take a closer look at you and what you offer? How do you get them to take the plunge?

That is a struggle for everyone but this guide will help you on your way.

The four step guide to enticing your customer

  1. The Free Stuff
    Everyone that comes to a website starts by checking out the free stuff. That is of course your pages about what you do, who you are and what you offer.
    But if you are smart you offer more for free. Something they want but they have to give something in return. The most obvious thing is giving something like an e-book, or a webinar, or a video, or an email course after they give their emailaddress. Because then you have something that gives you the ability to connect with the person on the other side. Which makes you ready for step 2.
    (PS. At some point stop giving cheap stuff. I have my blog and a well-received e-book. I give a lot, but no more than the blog and the e-book. Don’t start doing all your work for free. People might not want to pay for it anymore if they feel you will give it away for free as well.)
  2. The Cheap Stuff
    People won’t buy for thousands of Euros after they have just signed up on your email list. So what you need to do is entice them to buy something small. First you have lured them in, with the free stuff, and probably a newsletter. You send out that newsletter regularly and at some point you offer the customer a cheap product. Something they will have to pay for, but not a lot. The threshold for buying this isn’t all that high, and if the offer is tempting enough, the customer might bite.
  3. The Offer
    After the first bite, if they like what they got, it is easier to sell something ‘real’ to them. The offer you really wanted to sell to that customer, or an e-course, or… whatever it is you offer that isn’t all that cheap but definitely worth its money. You can sell it to them in a newsletter or send them a personal email. It all depends on what you want to sell and how much it costs. Always remember that a more personal approach may take more time but will grant you more results.
  4. The Upsell
    Last but not least, you can upsell. If someone bought something from you can tell them that this product will elevate the course even further, or this product will go really well with that product. That way the customer buys something again.

The idea behind it is first and foremost that you need to gain the trust of your customer. They need to believe that you are real, your products are good and you know what you are doing. But secondly it is a lot easier to buy something for 20 Euro’s than it is for 1000 and it’s a lot easier to pay 1000 Euro’s after the first 20 are spend and they were worth every penny (and then some)!

How do you entice your customer?