You are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. You have your network all ready and available.

You can talk to friends, family and most important, your business connections and clients wherever they are.

So why would you want a newsletter?

That is so old school, from before social media. It’s in the same category as faxing nowadays…






You MUST build an email list and believe me, you should start yesterday.

Why social media aren’t the same as email lists

Social media come and go. Noone ever talks about CU2 anymore, hardly ever about MySpace, and there are loads of other ones that have gone to oblivion. And yes, Facebook, Twitter, Google+… all of them awaits the same faith.

Putting your ability to connect with clients should never be in the hands of others, but always in your own hands. You wouldn’t want to wake up one day and see that the most important communication channel you had was gone and you had no idea how to reach your clients anymore??

So that’s 1.

Secondly there is the conversion rate: While we still feel we get too many emails, it doesn’t add up to anything like the amount of Tweets of Facebook posts we get every day. The chances your email will get noticed, opened and clicked is a whole lot bigger than the chances that someone will see your Facebook post and click it (especially since a lot of fans won’t even get to see the post…)

That is why you need to get an email list (if possible with some extra information) so you can always talk to your customers.

In the next blog I will talk about setting up an email list using MailChimp. Do you have an email list? How big is it? What would you want to improve?