It rains outside. Kind of hard I must add.

It hadn’t rained in quite some time and suddenly it is just raining cats and dogs. Somehow I feel – even in the Netherlands where rain is a common phenomenon – that when it rains it pours.

When people are just starting out on social media, getting the hang of it and loving what social media can bring them, they are just like these weather patterns. They go from nothing to an overflow of messages.

I know that when I started on Twitter some 4 years ago it took me a few weeks to get the hang of it. Understanding the terminology, learning the right etiquette, getting some interesting people to follow and hopefully getting some to follow me back.

But then I went berserk: I tweeted soooo many times a day some followers started to put me on special list with all of those people who just spam their timeline. I was giving them so much information they just couldn’t handle it all. They just could not keep up with all those tweets anymore.

I would love to help you not make that same mistake.

When just starting out on social media try to find an amount that is ok for both you and your audience. You could for instance keep yourself to this rhytm:

  • A status update no more than every other day on LinkedIn
  • No more than once a day with your Facebook page
  • Max 5 on Twitter (10 if you count retweets)
  • 4 pictures a day on Pinterest
  • 2 pictures a day on Instagram
  • 1 Vine per week

This isn’t an exact science. Like I said it depends on your audience and your personality.

By pacing yourself and your content you are not pouring all the content out at once. That is nice for your audience because they can still keep up with the information but it also gives you the opportunity to hold some content gems back so you can use those at a later time.

Refraining yourself from going berserk will help you have a steady amount of information for a while.


What do you feel is the right rhythm for you?