You do NOT have to come up with all content you post. Let me say that again: You DO NOT have to come up with all content you post.

We have been talking about content creation for quite a while, and I know you must think that everything you post should be stuff you create. In the blog post about the process, we didn’t talk about anything other than producing it yourself, and it wasn’t one of the six types of content we talked about.

However, curated content is a significant part of your content. You don’t want to come with everything yourself, especially if you don’t need to. Moreover, there is so much good content out there that would be great for you to share.

What is Curated Content?

There is much content made each hour, even each minute or second. And not all of it is yours. This means there is much material from others you can share: blog posts, videos, social media posts. Curated Content is content that you found and saved because it is relevant to you and your audience. Content curation is a process that can be done in between tasks as you see it or as a task on its own.

The Right Content

So there is a lot of content out there. But not all of it is great content you should share. You have to look for the right content.

What is the right content? The Right Curated Content is content that is for the same target audience. So if you are targetting financial professionals, you want to find other material that is relevant for that audience. However, you do not wish to share content that is precisely in your field. You are the expert after all. You want to find content that is close to your area but not exactly.

For instance, I might share content about productivity for entrepreneurs or financial tips or business tips. Though I might sometimes give them myself, they are not exactly my field, but they are relevant for my audience. It is excellent for them to have, and it adds value to my other content.

Great content can be either of the types, though they will be probably informative, inspirational, or engaging. The other types are a bit harder to share and still stay true to you.

Research Great Content

To know where to find that right content, that fits with your audience but is not your expertise, you need to do some investigating:

  1. Write out all people you look up to, that you follow – Cross out any that are exactly in your field
  2. Write out all topics that are adjacent to your area, that your audience will be interested in too
  3. Find people that fit those topics
  4. Now pick around 10 to 20 people from that list that you will share. While selecting the right people, look at the branding of the information they are putting out. Does it fit with yours too? Think personality, tone of voice, colors.
  5. Write out all the associated channels of those people.

Now you have a list of blog sites, video channels, Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts of people you can share for great content.

Also, if you see things that you can’t share immediately, you can add them to your library so you can use them when you are ready.

Want to Curate Something Right Now?

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