Content is a very visible part of your marketing. It’s the texts you write on your website, the Facebook posts you make, the Instagram photos you post.

And so people start to believe that content is just that, creating something.

But there is so much more to your content! Your content needs to:

  • paint a picture of you, your business and your offers
  • attract the RIGHT clients
  • suite the channel it’s made for
  • give the audience what they are looking for at that time
  • give a call to action for what the (potential) client can do next

So how do you know what to do when, how, why? … You know, how do you know you’re doing the right thing?

Well that is where my signature system comes in!

Marketing Magic

The system exists of 3 layers, one on top of the other. Only when the layer underneath is good, you can move on, because the next layer is supported by that layer and so it has to be done right to be function best.

The 3 layers are:

Bubbling Businessget a fantastic business plan that is simple and exciting!
This is the first layer that everything is build on. By tweaking and adding some stuff this becomes an exciting business plan that feels obtainable and some you want to reach for.

Enchanting Client Journeyreach out to your (potential) client where they are and find out exactly how to get them ready for the next phase!
Your ideal client isn’t ready for you if she doesn’t know you yet. Potential clients move through different stages before committing to buy, and even afterwards. By looking at your client journey we know where to reach your awesomest clients and attract them.

Charming Contentcreate the right content for the right people in an easy and fun way!
In the last layer we work on your content. You go away knowing your exactly what to post, how to post and how to create it with ease! It is supported by those earlier layers for the best results.

Are all of the layers of your business creating magic around you?