Showing off your creativity and making money with it.

That is what food, fashion and craft bloggers do all over the world. Just yesterday there was a post that Dutch bloggers get 250 to 350 euros just to show up to an event or to blog about a product!

Since I am giving a presentation this Saturday about how blogging can help you find a (new) job, I thought this was the perfect time to discuss some examples of people making money with their blog.

The lucrative craft blogs

I don’t have much interest in fashion, but I love recipes and food. I do check out some food bloggers occasionally. But the thing I am just addicted to are craft bloggers. These are text/photo blogs or video blogs that show off their creativity, teach you new techniques and discuss the newest products on the market.

There are very different ways in which you can blog about crafting. Jennifer McGuire creates videos about stamps and card making. She shows off products and techniques to turn them into wonderful cards. Shimelle on the other hand is a scrapbook blogger that mostly uses text and photos. It is in her e-courses that you will see video, for more detail on how to do something. Amy Tangerine does both. She blogs every day and posts videos regularly to talk about scrapbooking, organising your crafts materials and creativity in general.

There are also a lot of different ways to make money from your blog. McGuire makes her money through affiliate marketing, articles and online classes. She also consults with a stamping company called Hero Arts. Shimelle writes articles for magazines. She has ecourses about scrapbooking but also recently launched her own scrapbook line with American Crafts. Amy Tangerine does creative consultancy, she has her own shop (with t-shirts and scrapbooking kits), she has her own scrapbook line within American Crafts and she has courses online and offline about scrapbooking. She also does events, where they scrapbook the day live.

The most common ways are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • E-courses
  • Designing lines
  • Events
  • Workshops offline
  • Shop

All these bloggers started off just talking about their interest, their hobby and now make a living out of it.

Now tell me, what would you love to talk about for a living? How would you make money?