**Warning: this post has no facts or tips, just feelings, observations and questions. If  you are not interested in those, I would recommend skipping this one. Next one will be facts and figures again, I promise!**

I judge a book by its cover.

Or actually a website by its look. And the business behind it by its website.

I know it is not fair, but like me there are loads of others that will skip your website if it doesn’t look good.

But how about the content of the website?

I have gotten a few comments about my website in the last week weeks. Small typos, missing words or weird sentences.. nothing major but not the way it should be.

My fault, because I do not take the time to triple check all the texts. I cannot be bothered as there is so much work to do…

I love the fact that people tell me there is a mistake, so I can fix it. But I do not like it if people tell me off because there is a mistake on my website.

At the same time I have been judging some people I have met/can work with by the state of their website.

Sounds hypocrite right?

I know it kind of is.. but I also feel there is a difference. Let me explain:

I saw a website of a restaurant the other day that was really old, hard to follow and had content that was actually from christmas 2012! I judged the business immediately and decided that I did not want to eat there if they didn’t bother updating their menu once in a while.. While the other day I surfed by a beautiful site that obviously got attention and affection. I saw a couple of spelling mistakes but it didn’t bother me, I was still really interested in meeting the people behind the website.

So what is the difference?

Somehow I have decided for myself that I think it is more importantly that you take care of your website, keep it updated and relevant than that you triple check your content and get rid of every little mistake. And somehow I do feel that goes for me twice over, since English isn’t and will never be my first language and therefor I will always make mistakes.

But I do feel people have to take care of their website. A website that looks like it is from 1995 is not an option. It looks like you don’t care about your company or your clients one bit.

I am very curious to know how you guys feel about it.

Do you wish I would stop making spelling mistakes, typos and weird sentences or not? On which grounds do you judge a company you might do business with, a restaurant you might eat at, or someone you just met? Do you have contradictory feelings about what they should have in order?