Making content can be hard.

I see it with a lot of clients; They know they need to make content for their channels, whether it’s Facebook posts or YouTube videos. But what can they talk about?

Think outside the box

When making content my clients think about their products and services and try to change that into content. But there is more than just your products and services.

You are trying to create an experience with your product or service. You want something special to happen for your customer.

Think about that. What is the experience you are trying to create or the benefit you are trying to sell? Make content about that!


Too vague? Here are some examples:

  • As a photographer you talk about pictures. But your content can also be about what clothes suits a specific kind of body best or how to do makeup for professional pictures. What kind of backgrounds works best for a certain look or feel? Or how about how to organise a wedding, if you are a wedding photographer? Think about the experience, not just the pictures.
  • As a professional organiser you are trying to create less chaos in people’s lives. You can talk about ways to clean up, but also about cute ways to decorate your house, tools to clean up your computer or when it is the best time to work on your finances.
  • A writer works for other companies. But that doesn’t mean that the only content is the texts he produces for those companies. He can talk about common grammar mistakes, how to make a text look pretty or how to start writing a speech.

What out-of-the-box kind of content can you think of for your company?