Today I am doing something new. Just ’cause I can, and I love trying out things 🙂

I am going to showcase a client I worked with and what I did for them. I’ll be doing more of these over the next few months, just to show you the diversity of what can be done for you and what it will get you.

Sterruiters website

The Sterruiters are a riding club in the vicinity that have lessons and concours and all kinds of different ways to manage the horses. When the Sterruiters came to me in the beginning of the year they had a very old website. It had been made well but it had gotten out-of-date and harder and harder to maintain. The looks were old-fashioned and the whole thing just wasn’t really intuitive to use, neither for the people behind the website nor the visitors.

They wanted something new. A fresh, modern website where the news would play a key role. They wanted something that was a lot easier to maintain, especially things like event dates that got out of date a lot before.

The making of…

The fantastic designer Marjon Hoen decided what they needed was a really clear website. A pop of color. And a lot of bright pictures. Which is exactly what she delivered in her design. The news is really visible, being directly on the homepage and if you want to join you can do so without searching through the website.

I realised and developed Marjon’s vision into this new lovely website where visitors can see all the news, or pick a specific category that interests them. The website loads quickly and shows off the different kinds of equestrian sports they do with the slider that you can see on any page.

The owners of the website also got several videos so they can maintain texts and images with ease.

The result

The website has been live for little over a month and already there is more news added then before. They can keep the website up-to-date easier which means that pages stay up-to-date much easier. And both up-to-date pages and added news means visitors and attraction. And a lively website.

Want to know more about getting a (new) website for your company or organisation too? Get in touch!