At the beginning of this month I talked about the big change in my logo and colors I did 2 years ago and how that influenced how I felt about my business.I felt it connected more with who I am and who I want to serve.

Today I want to share a similar story about Susanna Lindblom.

She came to me for a website but while talking I immediately noticed that something was not sitting right with her branding.

Who is Susanna and what does she do?

Susanna Lindblom helps, with others sometimes, managers and leaders. She teaches leadership development and coaches executives.

She really believes that coaching should be both spiritual and practical and I noticed that just by talking to her. She really exudes those values in everything she says and does.

Every time Susanna and I talked she was wearing bright colors and talking vividly. A very bright, cheerful and fun personality to be around for sure!

The branding Susanna had before

When we met her business was called ‘Lindblom Coaching Partners’ and her colors were dark. A dark burgundy red and a dark grey combined with white was all it was. Her logo was an old-fashioned handwriting of an & sign.

The whole look gave me certain emotions:

  • Boring
  • Dull
  • No spirituality
  • Old-fashioned
  • Thinks inside boxes

And that totally did not match with the woman I was talking to.

How Susanna changed her branding

In our talks Susanna and I worked out what was important to her and how to incorporate that into her branding and marketing:

  • Nature
  • Professionality
  • Spirituality
  • Grounded
  • Working on your core beliefs

She also shared with me that her beautiful Swedish name ment ‘Linden Tree’ in English.

We came up with the name: Linden Tree Coaching.

This felt more in tune with those values discribed above. The designer tackled the colors and logo and after a few versions ended up with this:

How big is that change??

From grey and dark and blah … to bright and uplifting!


I love how inviting this looks. Bright and cheerful, professional, connected with nature and spirits

With this new branding done there is no way her website and business feel much more in tune with the wonderful person Susanna Lindblom is!