Last week we talked about how your font, colors, logo and imagery together make your brand. And the importance of your brand being on point so it will attract the right clients and get you some awesome attention!

But just a logo, font and colors won’t get you there.

You need images for that brand, because all most every channel these days needs images. For Instagram, Facebook posts, ads, Pinterest, blog headers.

They all need to have your brand vibes so they will attract those amazing people, but the image needs to be adapted to the purpose of the image.

So do you know the easiest way to do that?


What is Canva?

If you have never heard of Canva; It is an amazing tool so make images with ease.

You can just drag and drop, change a font or a color and you are done! It even helps you decide the right measurements for different kind of images so you don’t have to worry about that.

Oh and the best thing: you can start free (I dont pay either)!

How can Canva help my brand?

Canva* offers a multitude of ideas to make images. While those look amazing, they will not fit your brand per se. And that’s what we want of course, something to match your brand.

Want to know how to do that?

Watch this video:

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