If you followed along my steps last week I am sure you already have a great idea of who your ideal customer is. But have you found them already?

Today I want to share with you some tips on how you can find your ideal clients in the places they hang out.

7 ways to find your ideal customer

  1. Use the media outlets you already wrote down

    You already wrote down some tv/magazines/radio they consume. Is this really where your ideal clients hang out? Can you use it for your business? Don’t forget their websites and social media channels.

  2. Google

    Yes, google. Google the questions the client might have surrounding their problem. Google the thoughts they have. Do you find any fora or Facebook groups or anything that resonate with your audience?

  3. BuzzSumo

    Search for your topic and problems the client might have on BuzzSumo. You will find where people write about those topics. You will also find other people that offer solutions, which is great research for your competition

  4. Use Facebook

    Do the same search within Facebook. Use that search bar to search for specific words or even combinations of words

  5. More Facebook

    Go stalk some people who are your ideal client. Where do they hang out? In which groups? What pages did they like?

  6. More stalking

    Google those people you just stalked? On what other channels did you find them? Pinterest? Twitter?

  7. Twitter

    Search for some hashtags that connect with your topic. Does those tweets resemble your audience?

  8. Ask them

    Wow, isn’t that something? You could just ask your ideal client where they hang out. You can do that in all sorts of ways. Personally via telephone or email or whatsapp or whatever or as a post in groups and on pages or as an email to your mailing list. This is a scary one, but it is also great fun! You get so many responses you might have never thought of!

After these steps you should have a better idea of where your ideal client hangs out.