Sure, you got enough knowledge to talk about your topic the whole time, but when it is time to write a new blog post you draw a blank.

What could you possibly write about this time? You might feel like you have already said it all (then repeat it, since others might read it and suddenly understand) or have no clue how to make a cool blog of it.

So that is why I want to help you find some inspiration!

Places to find your inspiration

  • Questions from customers
    You probably get questions about the difference between X and Y, why you sell Z this way, etcetera, etcetera. These questions make great resources for blog posts. If one customer sends you this question you can bet there are more people thinking the same thing…
  • Frustrations
    This might seem like a weird one but frustrations you might have about a certain topic, or your friends, collegues or customers, can be a great inspiration for blog posts. Just remember to end the post on a high note and with a solution in hand, don’t just write about your frustration and leave it at that.
  • Possibilities
    Most of the time your product or service has loads more possibilities than just one. And so it can be great about the possibilities your product or service brings. You could even let others talk about what the service/product did for them so you wouldn’t even need to write, just combine and filter 🙂
  • News
    Oh gosh, you got to love the news as a source of inspiration. I had a client a while back that said that if she read the newspaper she would end up with 3 or 4 ideas for a blog post every single day! There is so much you could talk about and the extra benefit is that because it is news, you will get more attention for your blog article.
  • Case studies
    Whether they are your own clients, or just a case you saw, talking about a case study is a great way to get inspiration. Review someone you greatly admire or review 3 of the worst websites you have ever found… There are so many possibilities!
  • Your other interests
    I once read on the Stan’s blog that he gets loads of inspiration from other blogs. But not blogs from his peers, oh no, that just gets him repeating others in his field. No, he reads blogs about his hobbies and things he likes. And these blogs give him inspiration for writing his own blogs. Great tip and resource that I use quite often too these days.
  • Books/Movies/TV series
    Reading and watching will give you inspiration as well whether directly, as a review, or indirectly. And there are so many books, movies and tv series out there that should give you plenty of inspiration to write another blog (or a 100).
  • Just going about your business
    Haha, this might be a weird one to you but I get my greatest inspiration when I am just walking in nature, doing my crafts, playing with the dog or, one you probably all know, am standing in the shower. When you get inspiration like that, jot it down that second! Don’t think you’ll remember, cause you won’t (I’m sorry, but you really won’t).
  • Blog tree
    And then there is the blog tree. This is a way I use to help my clients find structure in their topic and talk about all aspects of their topic bit by bit. It takes a bit of time but you’ll end up with at least 50 topics! If you want to know more, just give me a shout!

Where do you find your inspiration?