Blogging is fun, it’s great for your business and it is a way to show off your vast knowledge.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get stuck even if you have followed all tips this month. Because of course you will.

You’re human, I’m human, and well, we all know us humans get stuck. We have brain freeze, writers block, a case of the ‘I dont wanna’ and whatever else keeps us from doing what needs to be done.

So, what do you do when you get stuck?

7 tips to help you get unstuck

  • First up, don’t try to write the day before or the day of your deadline. It will be so much harder to think when you have that looming deadline. And don’t go telling me you work well under pressure because if you did, you wouldn’t be stuck now would you?
  • But yeah, I know. The deadline is near so that tip doesn’t help you much right now. You do have your topic written down on your editorial calendar so atleast you know what you should be writing about. Have you done the research? Got a vague story idea? No? Go do that now. Google for a few keywords, use BuzzSumo to find articles that did great on your topic and try to find their weakspots or use Reddit (Just don’t get sucked into that black hole for too long)
  • You done the research but you are still stuck? Is it your head that just won’t function? Ok. So I got a few tips then depending on time and your mood:
    • Go for a walk. Clear your head. It will help you think
    • Set your egg timer for 13 minutes and write for the whole time. Doesn’t matter if it is about your topic, just don’t stop writing. You will be much more in the writing mood after those 13 minutes.
    • Write 99 words. Just write about your topic for exactly 99 words and then stop. Believe me. You’ll be in the middle of a sentence and you don’t want to stop.
    • Write only headline and subheads first. Just start by writing a (temporary) title and then writing out subheads. Now write some keywords per subhead, the keywords that make the point you are talking about in that paragraph. It will help you outline your story and you will be able to fill it in with ease afterwards.
  • You can think about it but just don’t put it on paper? Go tell it to someone else while you tape yourself. Then put that story on paper, rewrite and tada!

I hope these tips will help you get unstuck.

Oh, and don’t forget. If you are in the flow and the blog just comes out without a hitch: DO ANOTHER ONE! Having blogs ready to post, long before the deadline will help you relax and write with ease.

Good luck!