The other day I was acting as a crybaby. I had a rough week. Not that the fun things I did were all that rough, but it took a lot of energy and all my pzazz, which left me drained and tired. I got in a bit of a bad mood because of it. Tired, sad that is was over, full of feelings and beliefs that things could have gone better/different.

As I was saying: I was a crybaby.

You might be wondering why I am telling you this. Because it influenced how I was acting, what I was saying in my online communications. Instead of the usual cheery, sunny self that I am -not only in real life but also in my tweets, emails, facebook posts and all the other text based communications-, I was being mean, jumping to conclusions, ‘yelling’ at people. Not a fantastic thing when YOU are your business, right?

‘Not so happy’ communication

So what happens when you are not ‘in a happy place’ while communicating?

  • You might signal your potential client that you
    • do not want them
    • do not need them
    • are not sure you can do the job
    • won’t be a pleasant person to work with
    • don’t really know what you are talking about
    • have a temper
  • You might signal your current client that you
    • don’t really like working with them
    • feel like they are nagging too much
    • feel like they are taking up too much of your time
    • do not feel challenged by their assignment
    • would rather be working with someone else
  • You might signal (potential) investors that
    • you do not stand behind your product/service a 110%
    • you might act crazy at some point and cost them their money
    • they better invest in someone else
  • In general people will probably think you are a pain in the b***

Now that is a long list that probably could be tons longer.

Could you add to this list? Maybe something like this ever happen to you? Or you have a great imagination 🙂 Write below to let me know what you would add to this list.

Tomorrow I will be talking how to change your mood (or at least make it seem that way) so that your communication doesn’t have to suffer because of your bad day.