People love visuals.

They don’t read much, but they do look at the pictures. That might sound mean, but it is true. And you know it.

For Twitter it was always about text. Bit by bit you could add other media as well, but it was still all about the text in the tweet.

Not anymore!

Now people can see pictures more easily in your Tweets.

They will see a thumbnail and can click it for a larger version.

It also works for videos, via Vine.

How to add pictures

These new features mean you should started adding pictures, right now!

But how do you add pictures?

On your mobile use the Twitter app. If you post a picture via the app, Twitter will make sure it is uploaded to their server and therefor it can be seen immediately.

If you use, the picture will be uploaded too (coming to the website soon).

When you use third party applications this will work as well.

Except for Instagram. As Twitter thinks it’s mean Facebook bought them. Or just doesn’t like Instagram-users. Something like that.

And how to add Vine?

Use the Vine app to share your video on Twitter.

Or just post the link within your tweet.