You get posts in your LinkedIn feed. But you don’t know who he is.Apparently you are linked on LinkedIn, but you can’t remember for the life of you how you met, where, when, why you wanted to link.

As ashamed as we might be to admit it, everyone that has been using LinkedIn for a while will recognize this problem.

It just happens. You link with someone you think you can do business with, or you feel like you have so much in common. But you never ‘talk’ again. And so you forget all about him.

LinkedIn understands so about a year ago they introduced a feature to help solve this problem: Private notes you can post with every connection you have or make.

Your notes

Adding a note to someone’s profile is very easy:

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Choose ‘Relationship’ or ‘Contact info’ depending on what you want to add
    Relationship holds information how you met, who introduced you, a note, a reminder (that you give a specific date) and a tag. That last one is handy to sort people into specific categories.
    Contact info holds their information how to contact them, but you can add information you might have that they don’t share with everyone, like phone numbers or address.
  3. Add the information
    LinkedIn Notes
  4. Click save

That is all there is to it!

The possibilities

You can use the notes functionality in so many ways:

  • Add notes how you met so you won’t forget.
  • Add information about what he/she does for work or opportunities you saw to work together
  • Set a reminder to call the next week for instance, or write a proposal
  • Tag people so you can sort them into specific categories
  • Add birthdays, addresses and phone numbers so you can always access them

I haven’t been using notes all that much but it is definitely growing on me. Do you feel this could help you in your networking activities?