When you are working hard to improve your online presence you want to see results.

Is your new strategy working? Are the times you tweet right? Did that marketing campaign reach enough people?

To do so you need tools to analyse what you did and what happened.

Today I will be talking about Crowdbooster, a tool I love to use for analysing Twitter and Facebook.

Using Crowdbooster

With Crowdbooster you can see your separate posts. How many people could have seen it (you can never know for sure), how much it got shared and replied to. It gives you an idea which posts did best and whether in general all is well.

How you ask?

Crowdbooster Example

Crowdbooster shows you your posts in a graphical way.

  • The dots are posts, those with numbers in it represent multiple posts at once.
  • The horizontal bar are the amount of retweets. The more to the right the post is, the more retweets it has.
  • The higher the circle is placed the more people saw the post.
  • Hold your mouse over a circle to see the post that goes with it.

You can also choose a list over the graphical representation but that is going to be harder to read than this.

On the top you can also see the amount of tweets you send in a certain amount of time, the amount of retweets you got, the amount of replies you got to your posts, how many times they were favorited and how much followers you gained in that period. It also shows how much you were mentioned.

All this information can help you see what works and what doesn’t.

Extra features

But Crowdbooster will help you with posting and engaging too.

You can post right from Crowdbooster or schedule them for another time. Crowdbooster will even help you figure out the best times to post. You can add images and shorten links with Bit.ly

The ‘Engage’ module shows you your most influential followers and top retweeters. That way you can decide to send them something first if you want to give your top retweeters something extra. You can also decide to thank them or retweet more of their posts.

My 2 cents

Crowdbooster is a paid app. When I started using it you could get the lowest package for free but these days it costs around 85 dollars a year (Bronze). In this package you can add one Twitter and one Facebook account. The bigger accounts give you options for more Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I recommend this app to companies that are ready to take their social media to the next level. They have started implementing a strategy and want to see if it works, what works and how you can do better. I don’t believe you should immediately start with Crowdbooster but only when it will really bring value to your strategy.

What tool do you use for analysing your actions online?