Marketing is big business.

There is a lot of money going on in marketing. People making commercials for the Superbowl or trying to make a viral video online. Hugh websites that costs thousands and working on the perfect text to accompany a new product. There are companies that ask thousands of Euros for these kind of things.

When I was younger I didn’t want to work in marketing or with marketing. Because I thought that people in marketing where slick guys and girls that lied a lot to make their products seem different than they were. I had no intention to be a professional liar. Didn’t the story of Pinocchio teach them it was wrong to lie?

So when I was studying for my masters in New Media and came in touch with marketing it was a shock for me to find out that, sure some marketingguys are slick, but most of them are not. And their tasks are very diverse and lying shouldn’t be one of them (though I am sure for some it is).

Marketing exists of so many different elements

Marketeers work on:

  • Finding out what your target audience is, and how you should talk to them
  • How to call a product
  • How you package a product – the actual packaging but also the  accompanying texts
  • What channels to choose
  • Setting up websites in such a way as to attract visitors to the pages you want them to visit
  • Customer service online
  • How to make a rad commercial
  • How to persuade your customer so he/she wants to buy your product
  • Analysing data (of your target audience, your traffic, what works best as a headline) to improve results.
  • And so much more…

Theme of the month April

And so I decided to, after I got some reactions to my blog last wednesday, that this month will be all about marketing in general. This will give me the opportunity to talk about ways to get to know your ideal customer better. And I would to learn more myself about the right and wrong ways to persuade people to buy your product (without feeling like a liar) and I can take you on that learning journey.

Is there anything YOU want me to talk about this month? Let me know in the comments or via social media.

Oh, and if there is anything you want to WRITE about, let me know. I accept guest bloggers and I am working on the first!