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Whether you want a one-off session to give your business some momentum or a long term mentor: We offer different consultancy options to help you get to your dream business online!


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Happy Clients

Extremely simple and understandable, yet super effective

Natalie helped me clarify the structure of my marketing strategy. She showed me the steps that led me to a clear direction. When I got in touch with her I said: “I feel like I’m lost, I have no direction and I don’t know what I’m doing”. During the session, we went through the key points and I can tell you that I feel much more confident about my strategy now. I really recommend Natalie as her way of explaining these concepts is extremely simple and understandable, yet super effective.

Alessia Pandolfi

My perspective changed

I was in a pickle. I’ve just created a service that I really think can help a lot of people. Although I’m a copywriter, I’m not versed in social media, nor did I have a clear enough idea how to market it.

And that’s where Natalie stepped in.
She helped me understand all the pieces that go into marketing a service, and in only 20 min, my perspective changed, and I knew exactly what to do to move forward.
This happens when you talk to someone who knows what they’re doing, and even though our encounter was brief, it’s as clear as a day that Natalie is one of those people.

Maya Saric

I thank my lucky stars

I thank my lucky stars that Natalie spoke up in a thread on Facebook and offered to help! One thing I know for sure is that some things are better left to professionals and this type of work is a perfect example. Natalie was very patient and completely transparent from start to finish. I am extremely happy with the results and highly recommend Natalie.

PS: we live on different continents and she made this work smoothly!

Jan Richmond Staebell
The Stamping Fairy