LinkedIn is really important for small companies. You can show what you do, what you can deliver to (potential) customers and what others think of you.

So that is why I made a list of everything you need to fill when working on LinkedIn. But that list doesn’t tell you how you should write the text on your LinkedIn.

Today I want to give you some tips on how to write better copy for your LinkedIn profile.


How to write on your LinkedIn profile

  1.  Write for your potential customer
    Don’t just tell what you have been doing, what your skills are, how awesome you are. The reader isn’t all that interested in that. Sure, you should tell what you did at your last job but add results so he knows what you delivered to the company. It gives him an idea what you could do for him. Because that is what he wants to know: what you can do for him.
  2. Write short sentences
    Don’t make sentences that are too long and have loads of parts, which make them harder to read. Try to keep it short. Cut sentences into several parts.
  3. Be engaging
    Write in an engaging, active way. No passive words! Make sure it’s an engaging text that people want to read.
  4. Don’t write too short or too long a text
    Make sure a text per section is a nice amount of text. Two or three sentences would be too short, but make sure it doesn’t become your life story either.
  5. Write well, with capitals, punctuation marks and white spaces
    This may sounds like an obvious one but I have seen so many LinkedIn profiles where people describe their work without any capitals. Sentences are just written behind one another, with – if we are lucky – a full stop in between. Makes it harder to read but also less appealing.
  6. Make sure we can understand
    Don’t use language that is hardly understandable for anyone but your direct colleagues or people who have studied the same. Try to explain what you do/did/studied in a way everyone can understand. No difficult terminology or specific courses. If you really feel that should be in there (because you have done a course which is really special), write something more general first and then add that specific item.
  7. Be honest
    Be honest about what you have done. Write results, but let us know if you made that happen with a big team of people, not just by yourself. Don’t write stories about managing if you haven’t had a management function yet.

Need help writing a text? Post it below and let me help you out!