Wednesday I talked about the preparation required for a great post. Today I will discuss what will help you when actually writing the post.

7 tips for writing great posts

1) Have an outline 

If you followed last wednesday advice and prepared you should have an outline for your article. If not, start thinking up the backbone of the post first before diving in.

2) Take your time

Don’t try to rush yourself by saying you have to finish it within 20 minutes. Take your time. Some might be able to write it within twenty minutes, for most it takes between 1 and 2 hours to write an article.

3) Don’t wait for inspiration to strike

Don’t just wait for inspiration to strike before starting your post. Set yourself behind your desk and start writing.

If you feel like it’s gonna be hard to concentrate for so long set an eggtimer for 15 minutes. You will see you will have started by then and will continue to write.

4) Write without looking back

When you start writing, do not check your writing for any typing errors or spelling mistakes. Just write. Let your ideas flow onto the ‘paper’.

5) Use paragraphs with (sub)headers

While you shouldn’t check for errors it is a good idea that you do already write with paragraphs and use a lot of subheaders. People want to be able to scan your article and subheaders will help with that just like shorter paragraphs will. Do not make paragraphs too big, it reads very difficult online.

6) Check your spelling

Only when you are finished with writing your blog post should you check your spelling. If you have trouble with it yourself you can also ask someone else to check your writing for you. They can also say if the buildup of your article works.

7) Use great pictures or videos

Last but not least, add video or images to your post to finish it. These days a written blog without any added material looks kind of boring and plain (though it might very well not be!). Adding visual material will help pull people in.


Good luck writing!