Are you one of those creators that only posts service-related content? Alternatively, do you forget to talk about your products altogether and show engaging and inspiring content only?

If you want to have great, engaging content that fits with the different stages that your audience have to go through it is good to keep in mind that there are six different types of content and for the best results it is imperative to mix them up.

Six content types

The six different types of content are:

  • Engaging content
  • Inspiring content
  • Informational content
  • Sales content
  • Your Story- content
  • Behind the Scenes content

Engaging content is all content that asks for specific answers from your audience. It could be that the answer is a reaction in the comments, but it could also ask for likes or ‘wow’ or choose an option in a poll. Engaging content helps you to get your audience better while having open and fun communication with them. This way, you get to connect on a deeper level.

Quotes are a great example of inspiring content. Quotes can fire someone up and say ‘YESSSS’! However, do you know what’s more inspiring than a great relatable quote? Case studies and testimonials, showing your potential customer that if this other person can do it, then they can do too! You want to make people see things they can relate to so they feel more ‘at home’.

You have so much knowledge, you do. Even if you don’t realise it or think no-one needs to hear it because they already know, believe me, a lot of your knowledge and talents are still things other people struggle with. So you can help them by sharing your expertise in a way that is simple and clear. Informational content is an essential type to get a potential customer to trust you.

Sales content is all about the products, the services, the courses that you have. People need to know what you can do for them, how you can change their lives and how they can buy from you. I know many entrepreneurs hesitate to do this in their content but believe me that a lot of audience wants to know but doesn’t get the chance because you are not sharing it. So share!

You are a well rounded, awesome person that has a story. A story of how you came to be an entrepreneur. How you came to be excellent at what you do. A story about what you like to do outside of work (because we work to live, not live to work!), a story about your family. All those fantastic stories that makeup you are part of the Your Story content.

Last but not least is the Behind the Scenes content. Behind the Scenes is all about showing what you do when you are ‘at work’. It could be this photo of me showing how I went live in another group (see the picture above). It could also be me crafting at my table if the post is for my other business. It could be the messy table, and it could be a screen-capture of me working on a clients website. Everything that happens within your business is part of your Behind the Scenes, and it gives people a better understanding of what you do in a week.

Your Content

Are you using all these types of content in your content strategy already? Do you have a content marketing plan? If you don’t have one yet, go check out this blog post ‘Your Own Content Marketing Plan (in 5 easy steps)‘.

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6 Different Types of Content that You Should Mix