Yesterday I told you how NOT to use Twitter, but if you are just starting out that won’t help you very much, will it? You want to know how you can use Twitter, how to post, what to say, who to follow.

Therefor today I am focusing on 6 reasons to use Twitter:

#1: Find interesting people (and engage with them)

For me the most important part of Twitter is all the people from all over the world you can follow. If you follow someone you can read all their tweets and hear what they have to say. (Doesn’t mean you HAVE to read all their tweets btw, just that you can).

But more importantly, you can engage with something they say. You can react. Agree of disagree. Answer a question (I will get back to that one later), give some more info. That interaction is wonderful and shapes your Twitter-world.

#2: Show your expertise (but not by posting just your stuff)

People want to know what you have to add to the world of tweets. They want to see your opinions, your beliefs, your expertise.

You can show that of course by writing about your expertise. Or posting a link to your own blog or website.

But you shouldn’t do just that. You can post links to blogs you like. Add a snippet of your opinion so they know how you feel about it. React to other tweets you feel strongly about and have some expertise in (see #1).

All these things together show people what you have to offer.

#3: Be a person

People that follow you on Twitter might already know you as someone they do business with. Or they might want to do business with you in the future. For them to like you and to want to hire you, you need more than just show your expertise.

They want to see a person. Someone they can relate to. You might have read that the best relationships are built if you can find some common ground. Like you both like football or like running. You have 2 kids. Live in a small village. It can be anything.

So show a bit of your personal life on Twitter. Make yourself trustworthy.

#4: Find current clients (and keep up with them)

Find your current clients on Twitter and follow them to keep up with what they are doing. If you know what is going on at their end, you can use it in your next conversation.

You might even use it to sell something extra when you see the time is right. You might react if the company is changing and you feel like you can help them in some way.

Follow your clients and keep up.

#5: Find potential clients (and show them what you got)

Not only current clients, but also potential clients are fantastic to follow. You might find them on Twitter after you have spoken with them in another way and keep up with them. Or you might see them asking a question or talk about your expertise and then you can react.

Don’t start selling yourself immediately, but show your expertise and willingness to help.

#6: Ask (and answer) questions

In the first 5 I already talked a lot about asking and answering questions. The Twittercommunity is really strong when it comes to answering questions. When people ask questions, there are almost always people who answer.

Whether it is about something you need to know, a tool you search, something you want to buy/sell, anything!

And it might be that the people who answer don’t even know you but found your tweet because someone else retweeted it, and so all his followers saw your question as well. The person who answers you might be worth following, which brings us back to #1.

What is your topreason to be on Twitter?