We all know the problem: there are only 24 hours in a day. We might have pleaded with anyone and everyone, but there won’t ever be anymore hours.

That means we gotta be sensible about how we spend our time. How much time do we spend on what, and when?

Sending an email to the possible new client? Working on the current project? Using social media to engage your clients and attract new ones?

That last one is probably not very high on your list. It’s something you always think of “Ohh, i should do more with social media”. But who has the time?

Social media in 30 minutes

Last week Salesforce posted a blog on how to divide your time between social media if you only have 30 minutes a day. They stated that if you only have 30 minutes you should spend 10 on Twitter, 6 on Facebook, 6 on LinkedIn, 4 on Pinterest, 2 on Google+ and 2 on Instagram.

I however completely disagree for 3 very important reasons:

  1. It’s better to use one or two channels well then all of them badly
  2. You might not even need all of them
  3. Better to do 2x 15 minutes then 1x 30 minutes

Less is more

We all know the saying ‘Less is more’. If you only have 30 minutes a day it’s not worth it trying to do all those different social media channels in 30 minutes.

If you try to do all of them in that time span, you’ll be checking the time constantly to see how much time you got left. Thinking about what you still gotta do on all those channels, trying to remember what is most important to post…

If you do only 2 you have time to think about about what you want to post, what you write, what to link to, which picture to add, etc. Thinking about a post, trying to make that post the best it could be, especially for that channel, adds far more value then quickly trying to post the same message on all of them.

It’s far better to do 2 well then all 6 of them poorly. So if you do not have time to do all of them right, just choose.


Who says you need all of them?

Not everyone needs every channel. There might be people for whom Twitter is the best way to connect with people, to connect with possible clients. For someone else it might be Pinterest, or Google+.

Decide which channels are most important for you and will get you engaged with your clients. Prioritize them, then decide what you can and cannot do.

2×15 is more than 1×30

Decided which channel(s)? Ok!

Now you could be doing 30 minutes once a day or 15 minutes twice a day, and you know what? Doing 15 minutes twice a day will be worth more!

Let’s use Twitter as an example. You posted something nice, something people will want to react to. If you follow the infographic you will probably be onto the next channel when the first reactions come in. So far for your Twittertime today, they will have to wait till tomorrow.

Wait a minute! That means that you will be replying to a 24 hour old message. On Twitter that’s like a 100 years ago!

Now what if you would have posted that message somewhere in the morning during your 15 minutes of social media time… By the time the reactions come you are already gone. But.. this time you will see the message when you check in again during the afternoon. You can reply and the person that send you that tweet doesn’t feel completely ignored. That sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Pick and choose

So, if you only have a small amount of time to spend on social media, choose! And then check in at least twice a day.

Not sure which channels to pick? You can always send me an email and i’ll help you out. Or keep on reading this blog and you will be getting much more info on that topic.