After my blog about how to blog when you have no clue what to post I got asked how you get inspired for a specific topic. The person asking the question had to write something about a specific topic and had a deadline, but every time she sat down she would think up the most amazing stuff, but not about the topic at hand…

That is faith for you. When you need to write about something specific you can think about all these other wonderful topics and can’t seem to write about the topic at hand, while when you don’t have something to write about your mind will stay blank of all great ideas.

I will help you in this blog to focus on that specific topic and write about it.

Step 1) Clear your head

So what you first need to do if you have all these other marvelous ideas, is write them down! Write down the topic, the outline, whatever is in your head. This could take a while if you have a lot of ideas, but do it. You will be less restless because you know the topics are safe and sound, but outside of your head. You can get back to them when you have time and/or when you have no clue what to write about 🙂

Step 2) Niche the topic

Be sure you know the topic you need to write about is specific enough. Don’t just say ‘sports’ but define what you want to write about within the topic. Be as clear as you possibly can. If you can’t figure it out, think of the question you are going to answer. There is always a question behind a post, and identifying that question will help you focus on the topic.

Step 3) Get the storm rolling

Now take pen and paper, or find a nice mind map software program, and write down all these things about your topic. Using a mind map will help your mind structure what goes where, and what goes with what. Don’t know how to make one? Read this: how to make a mindmap.

Step 4) Outline

You have a question and a lot of words or thoughts about the topic. So now it’s time to try to make an outline. What are you going to put in the introduction? And what in the conclusion? Most of the time a post will be build something like this:

  • Identify topic, and if possible talk shortly about the solution
  • Talk more about problem (repeat in next paragraph if necessary)
  • Talk about the solution(s) (repeat in next paragraph if necessary)
  • Conclusion

Step 5) Fill in the gaps

Now that you have an outline and you know what your end goal is (the conclusion) it’s much easier to write. You still need to buckle down and do it though. No one can help you with that. But focusing for 20 minutes and then allowing yourself to have a break will help. I promise!


Now go and write that awesome article you have been dreading to do!