I can (and will) write many posts about content and how you should make content specific for the channel you’re sending it too.

For now however, I want to start by telling you 5 important, basic properties of content.

Good content…

  1. has a great topic that people are interested in
    Let’s put this one first, as it is of course the most important one. People will only be interested in good, usable content that adds new information to their inventoire.
  2. tells people you know what you are talking about
    The best way to show people you have expertise in a certain area is by showing it. You can tell people, but it will never have the same effect as actually proving it to them.
  3. drives people to your website
    You got to love Google for that. Because of new algoritms in Google’s searchabilities keywords don’t work as well. Great content, that people check out a lot, works wonders though.
  4. will make people want to share it
    I don’t think I have to explain this one. If you have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and you see something you love, you will share it with friends, family or even strangers.
  5. has your own stamp on it
    It is hard to make completely new content, because so much has been said and done yet. However, by putting your own unique personality, opinion and style onto it, it will become original. And much more like-able.

Basic, not simple

This basic properties are not easy, that is not the basic I mean.

I mean you always have to strive to tick these boxes so the content you make and post has value to clients, possible buyers or just interested people.

That value will survive time and make you an expert in your field.

Everyone makes content

Now don’t go telling me you can’t. That you do not know how to make content.

Everyone makes content.

You might not realize it, but every tweet, every facebookpost is content. However most of the time it does not tick these boxes.

What could you make for your (possible) customers that does follow the rules above?