Feel like you do not have enough fans on Facebook? You are not alone! I get questions all the time on how people can get more likes on their Facebook page. They all feel they should have more and believe that their amount of fans isn’t worth much.

Now there are great ways to get new Facebook likes, and there are bad ones. But today, it’s not about how to get them but how to cherish the ones you have.

When a Like doesn’t mean much

If you want more fans, there are a million ways to get them. But quite a few are a horrible way to get more.

For instance, you can buy your fans. But that is an awful idea!

Let’s say you do decide to buy fans. You pay some agency money that then asks some random people to like your company page. And now you have 3000 likes. How great is that?! Well, actually not at all!

Because they do not know you, they do not care about you, and they definitely do not love you. Those fans will not engage in any way with your content. They will not click a link, like a post, react to a post and they will most definitely not share your post.

So why is that bad? You will have more likes on Facebook, which is relevant to your business.

Well, no, actually your real fans might miss your posts!

Really! Those few fans that care about you and your brand might miss your posts because of the fake fans.

It all comes down to math. There are two things involved: the height of the percentage of people that get to see your message and how much of that percentage is interested.

The percentage that sees your post will differ. One of the things it depends on is engagement. When fewer people interact with your content, fewer people get to see your content. So it might be that the fans that do love your brand have more trouble seeing your post, because of all the people that do not love you…

And then there is the percentage on its own. Let’s say that 15% of people get to see your messages, no matter whether you have 300 or 3000 likes. In the case of those 3000 likes, many people that see the post are not interested in your business, from those 300 most people are.

450 people will see your post if you have 3000 likes, but the chances of them being your ‘real likes’ is a lot smaller than of those 45 people seeing your post with 300 likes which all like YOU. And because that second post now gets much interaction, it will be shown to more people of your page, upping the percentage of people who see it.

Getting new likes from like-minded people

This isn’t just the case when buying fans; it’s just the worst. But asking just about anyone to like your page can be just as bad.

For instance, what if you are an entrepreneur selling financial consultancy to other businesses. You set up your page, and you ask all your friends and family to like your page, so you have more likes. They have no connection with the topic; they just like you. So they might like a post here and there and comment. Great for interaction!

Facebook will use this information to show the content to more people like your current fans. Meaning Facebook will try to see the link between the people that comment and like the most. That connection between them is that they are all (for instance) middle-age, live around your village and might have some links in hobbies or music favourites. Which means Facebook will show your page to more people like that. But those are not your ideal clients! Chances are high they don’t have businesses, are not interested in business finances and therefore have no interest in ever buying your services.

Cherish the right fans

So, what should you do instead? Take time to fill your Facebook with valuable content that the true fans will love and want to engage with. Content that talks to your ideal client.

People love to share great content, that has real value to them. Or they like, react or click. It’s all good (though sharing is best!). Then interact with those fans. Reply to their posts, ask them questions, make them talk! Those are the people you want to connect with, and those are the people you want Facebook to notice!

It IS NOT about the number of fans you got. If that is just 300 fans, that is ok. If it is only 50, that is ok too! It IS about how your ideal clients react to your content.

Keep this in mind:

  • Around 10-15% of your fans will see your post, do you want to be real fans or just random people who do not care?
  • Interaction on a post will do two things: show that specific post to more people and up the general percentage of fans seeing your posts
  • The interaction will also show Facebook whom to show your posts to. So likes from the right people will make it manifest to more ‘right’ people, and the other way around.

Remember: people that care for your company are much more valuable to you. They might even buy something from you someday. Or tell someone else that they need to hire you. Or give you a great review on a website.

Please know that you need to pick a few real fans over a lot of fake fans. Every time!

Why 300 likes on Facebook can be more valuable than 3000