One of the people I follow online is Chris Brogan. I love reading his posts. They are about all parts of doing business, the human way. His messages feel honest, open and give me insights I didn’t have before.

Since 2006 he decides on three words every year that will set his course for that year, both personally and professionally. They are more than just goals or resolutions, they are his guide to help find the right path for the year to come. On January first he wrote about his ‘3 words for 2014‘.

This year I decided to do the same.

My 3 words for 2014

Balance – Balance is about all being in harmony for me. With starting my own business, and knowing how I can be, it’s important to keep finding the balance between work and home life. I am writing this on Sunday, but next Friday I’ll be with my family showing my new house instead of working. Balance is also about finding harmony withing myself, being zen. And it’s about balance in my body as well. Eating healthy (but snacks are ok sometimes too), exercising (but not overdoing it), etc.

Growth – I want to help you grow your business by finding the right marketing for you. I want to grow my own business as I am just starting out. But it’s not just about work. It’s about personal growth too. Learning what I need to for my business, growth by reading more (I love reading but haven’t taken the time for it in quite some while), but also learning more about things that I want to know more about, or love doing.

Grounding – As I just moved house and started a business life is a little crazy for me. The house is still a mess, there is a lot to be done for the company, my ToDo list is never ending. Therefor my last word has to be ‘Grouding’. You could say it does have to do with Balance, but it is also about seeing what is possible, real, relevant. About not dreaming too much, but seeing what’s real, what I can achieve in the coming year. And it’s about grounding in my new hometown: getting to know this new town, new people.

I think having these three words will help me at home, with my business and also with my marketing.

Your three words

Think, what would your three words for this year be? Think of the three words that would say it all when it comes to where your focus will be this year. They have to make sense to you, steer you where you want to go, help guide you in the right direction.

I would love to hear them and the reasons behind them below in the comments.