We all know we should use it (more) but somehow it kinda stays this difficult maze to navigate.

You have a profile, a business page, groups… so much different ways to communicate and interact and link…

The other day when I asked for questions in my newsletter (Not getting it yet? Get it here!) Susanne asked me about her LinkedIn business page. She wanted to know how could she get more followers there since you can’t invite people to follow the page directly.

So here it is:

My 3 easy ways (and 2 tips) to get more followers to your LinkedIn business page

I’ll start off with the tips since they are the base of all that follows:

1st tip:

Make sure you really need a business page. If the company is just you people want to do business with you. A company page feels more distant than your profile ever will.

2nd tip:

Make sure your content is relevant. People won’t follow you if there is nothing there for them. Make sure you post regularly and make those posts relevant. Having a content calendar can help you with this.

And then the 3 ways to get more followers:

1) Ask

Well, I know it is an open door I kicked in there but it is true. You can ask people if they want to follow you on your LinkedIn page. You can link to it from your LinkedIn profile update, in a personal message or even on a whole other social media channel or email. Believe me, it might be an open door, but it does work wonders…

2) Link

In your email signature, newsletter footer, on your page… Link to your business page. If you want people to follow your company and not you, you could even consider linking to your page instead of your personal LinkedIn profile.

3) Share

If you have loads of connections on LinkedIn but none of them follow your page, make sure you post things that are relevant for your business on your page and then share it to your profile. This way people might notice you have a page that is worth following too.


Do you have a LinkedIn business page? What do you want to achieve with it? Is it working for you?