You might have seen this movie already. It has been going around on the web, viral style. This video has mostly been shared by women and girls, wanting to change the status quo where ‘like a girl’ is a bad thing.

The commercial was made by Always and just like the Dove commercials it combines a cause with their brand. For Dove it is all about the confidence of girls and women around the globe to be happy with their body no matter what it looks like. For Always it is about what girls and women can achieve.

“Why can’t run like a girl also mean win the race?”


3 things you can learn from the #LikeAGirl commercial

      1. People want a why

        People don’t really care about what you sell, they care about the why. Chances are high that there is someone else out there that sells the same thing that you do. Therefore you need to differentiate yourself by telling why you do what you do.
        Adding a cause to your brand is a great way. Dove has been doing that for quite a while already with their real beauty campaigns. Always now hopped on the bandwagon with #LikeAGirl.
        So start by knowing why you do something and learn to sell that. The rest will follow. You can use Simon Sinek’s Why-How-What to tell your message.

      2. People want to get involved

        People love to agree (or to disagree) with something. They want things that make them feel all kinds of emotions so they can get involved. Tweets with women that are strong and achieved something are all over the #LikeAGirl twitter. Photos of Marie Curie in her laboratory and Jackie Joyner Kersee throwing the javelin showed up in the timeline.
        So when you have your ‘why’ find a way to get people involved. Start with people that already care about the topic and then work your way outwards. Make the story understandable and shareable.

      3. Women rule the internet market

        That one might have turned your head. 🙂 But you know what, it actually is true!
        58% of spending online are made by women. And women rule the shopping offline as well. Most purchases are decided AND made by women. So if you want to sell, women are your best bet. Appeal to something women like. Make them care so they feel like they HAVE to get involved and then you’re in.

Which of these will you implement for your company?