21 examples of content for your business

18 Dec 2013

Content, that’s what it’s all about in the end.

You can have a website, but without content it ain’t worth much.

You can have a social media strategy and some channels, but without content you got nothing to post and to show.

Great content is the Joker I wrote last week, because great content makes the difference.

I see you thinking: “That’s nice, but what should I make?

While I cannot help you with that from this end, without a little chat, I can help you get your creative juices flowing.

Below are examples of different types of content, and what to do with it.

There are loads of possible content types. I am not even gonna try to be complete. However, I am gonna list as much as I can think of to give you a creative jolt. Maybe you’ll see one that you want to do.


1) Texts describing what you do
2) Texts describing who you are
3) Testimonials from customers
4) Inspiring quotes
5) An e-book explaining a topic
6) A blog


7) Photo’s of your product
8) Photo’s of the atmosphere you are trying to sell (Like Syracuse University on Pinterest)
9) Photo’s of your customers with your product
10) Infographic with nice stats of yourself
11) Infographic with stats of the business you’re in (infographic about buying homes for instance)
12) Visuals explaining processes within your business or with your services


13) A podcast about your services
14) A radioshow around the atmosphere you’re selling
15) Explaining the possibilities


16) Short introduction of yourself/company
17) Video showing your product
18) ‘Unpacking video’ by customers
19) ‘How to use video’ by customers
20) An animation about the results you can get with your product/service
21) An animation about what your product does (Like this animation about what the study Liberal Arts and Sciences really is)

Thought of one that I forgot? Tell me below and I’ll add it (with your name!).



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