2015 has just started which means it is a blank page. Or actually 365 pages. And while the first few days have already passed there are still more than enough to make 2015 a fantastic year.

Whether or not you set goals for this year or wrote words to guide you, every day this year you get to decide what is important to you. Every day you get to decide what you want to accomplish that day.

If you would only do 1 thing every day that was a priority for you, you would still get 360 things done by the end of 2015 (I did take off the 5 days that already passed). How is that for productivity!?

So what will you want to get done today?


  • Connect with someone you used to know – Send them an email, phone them or write them a note. Connecting with old friends, family, collegues or clients is very rewarding
  • Connect with a client to see if you can help in any way – It ties in with my word People. Make sure you are helpful and communicative to your current clients.
  • Connect with someone you don’t already know and meet them – Whether it is a coffee meeting or you meet via Skype, meeting new people is an fantastic way to see new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Connect with that person you want to land in 2015 – If you know you want someone to be your client, they do need to hear from you. So why not send them a ‘hello’ one day?
  • Connect with someone that was a great help in 2014 and thank them – Be greatful of those that were a great help to you, whether personally or professionally.
  • Go to a network event – Though I am not a fan of networking in person, I do know it is a great way to get to know new people. I am now even a coordinator for a female-only networking event called Bites&Business.
  • React to one blogpost – Sometimes bloggers feel like that is noone reading there stuff. Just let them know you are there by commenting on their blog.
  • Connect with someone new on social media – Following new people on social media can be a great way to connect, get inspired and find new opportunities.


  • Start your blog – If you haven’t got a blog already just take a day to start it.
  • Write a blogpost – Writing blogpost is an important part of getting yourself out there. The benefits of regular new content are huge!
  • Create a new social media channel – If you have a channel you want to start but haven’t got around to it, here is your chance.
  • Review your webmaster tools – Use Google Webmaster Tools to find keywords that are working and those that aren’t. Start a plan to fix it (or let me do it for you!).
  • Promote your blogpost – You can write blogs all you want but if you aren’t promoting them you won’t get much attention with them.
  • Promote someone else’s blogpost – Find a blogpost you know others will like too? Why not share it with them just to make the world a happier place.
  • Create a video – Video is awesome and isn’t as hard as you might think. Everyone would love to see you!


  • Find the right tool to up your productivity and lower the time spend on administration – I am looking into Insightly and 17Hats
  • Make sure you have your processes worked out
  • Make a product you can make once and sell an infinite amount of times

Loads of things you can do today. What will you be doing?